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Last Day of Submersion/First Day of School

firstday2014Since May 1, I’ve been completely submerged in my kids. Swim team, orchestra camp, hanging out at home, camping in the Rockies. I could say they’ve swallowed me whole, but that wouldn’t be fair. I’ve enjoyed it too much to whine.

School started on Monday, and now, I need to let go. How? I’ve never been good at switching gears. I have this attention span that locks onto whatever-it-is like a tractor beam. So, I have issues. I know it’s best for them to navigate the day without me. I don’t want to be that mom. I know her. She isn’t pretty, and the other moms hate her guts. Her kids run away to college and never come home. Or. They never leave, and we have failure to launch.

So for everyone’s sake, I’m wading back into blogging, trying to slip on my floaties before the bottom gives way, and I’m sinking into the deep end of the pool. Be kind. No splashing, please.

Raccoon Swifted, Part 3

Rustoleum2Ah the sweet smell of ammonia success! The Taylor Swift marathon proved too much for the raccoon. Our neighborhood pet pest removed himself from the chimney. I’m moving on with the fireplace project without cage, capture, or release.

Today, I bought paint for the inside brick. Scratch that. Today, I bought paint twice for the inside brick. The first time, Bacon convinced me that high heat spray paint would be quick and painless. I knew better. After we got home with the rattle can, I took a look at the proscenium. That’s a college word (borrowed from the theatre) for picture frame.

“How the heck am I going to keep paint off of the brick?”

“You can mask it with something.”


“I don’t know. Paper. Tape.”

I dragged him out to the front porch, where two years ago I spray painted wrought iron columns.

“See that?” I pointed to a black gash on the concrete. “Two years ago, I covered the porch with tape and paper. You complained about it that day. The mark is still there. Why do I let you bully me into buying the cheapest thing?”

“I did not bully you.”

“You did.”

At this point, Bacon did something miraculous. He quit arguing and left home to run an errand. I took the rattle can back to Home Depot and exchanged it for a quart of brush-on High Heat Rustoleum.


Bacon came home with flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Snow Day in the Tropics

Snow DayThe robo call came at 5:35 this morning.

The superintendent has decided that the roads are unsafe; therefore, school will be canceled for Friday, January 24. Information about a make-up day due to inclement weather will be forthcoming.

I crawled back in bed and fell asleep. For fifteen minutes. When the second call came, I opened Bacon’s ancient flip phone and slammed it shut. We slept in.

Today sits on the cusp of an unreasonably busy weekend. Coco plays in a violin contest Saturday morning. Cherry swims in a meet Saturday and Sunday. Coco swims in a different meet on Sunday. Bacon and I are the official transportation, going our separate ways to support both girls’ endeavors. Most climates would dictate mass cancellations, but the icicles on our eave are already melting. The National Weather Service predicts 60º for Saturday and 70º for Sunday. In other words, back to normal.

But this morning, it’s nice to have my family at home, huddled in front of  the television watching Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader and eating popcorn.


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