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Truth in Stereotype

I got out of our car in the church parking lot today and saw this:



The family that got into this vehicle after the service couldn’t have looked more ordinary—a twenty-something couple with a newborn and a three-year old dressed in their Sunday best.

It’s scary to be a liberal in Texas.

The Harpsichord

Harpsichord1Last week’s chamber music concert was held in the Blanton Museum at University of Texas.Harpsichord2The orchestra played J.S. Bach’s Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in D Minor, BWV 1043. The musical composition featured a harpsichord.
Harpsichord3The instrument, itself, was a work of art.

Substance Abuse

MyfriendscallmecocoYou know those bumper stickers, “My son and my money go to **insert college here**?” I need one that says, “My daughter’s college fund was spent at Orange Leaf.” The frozen yogurt is addictive, expensive, and  less than a mile from my house. I’d better get my speech planned, “I’m sorry, honey. Yale’s out of the question. We spent that cash on My Friends Call Me Cocoa Chocolate.'”


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