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Visiting BookPeople in Austin, TX

BookPeople4Last month, we trekked to Austin where we made a side trip to a favorite independent bookstore.  If you’ve never been to BookPeople, it’s worth your time.  The store makes you want to pull a book off the shelf, sit criss-cross applesauce on the floor, and spend the day.


If you aren’t close to Austin, then check out BookPeople’s blog, here on WordPress.  The store employees make the best recommendations.


It’s a great feeling to walk around a corner and find your own kid, engrossed in good book. BookPeople was recipient of a James Patterson Grant.


I couldn’t resist a little daydreaming. Wouldn’t Crisp fit well between Crichton and Cronin?


The Trouble With Fate

Found in the wild in San Antonio, TX, The Trouble With Fate, a new novel by Leigh Evans.

The Trouble With Fate1

The clever log line says, “Meet Hedi Peacock. She’s half Fae. Half Were. And all Trouble…”

The Trouble With Fate2

I took Hedi home.

The Trouble With Fate3

I couldn’t put the book down. Hedi’s adventures kept me up all weekend!

New York Times best-selling author Darynda Jones says, “What a delicious read! Chock-full of fun twists and sexy diversions, one of them named Robson. Leigh Evans is definitely one to watch. Get this book! You will not be disappointed!”

The Trouble With Fate is published by St. Martin’s. It’s available at Amazon, click here. And Barnes and Noble, click here. Go. Buy. It. Now.

Books-Day 15

I’ve fallen into a parallel universe. A detailed what-if-of-a-world complete with time travel, murder, and true love. Six-hundred and ninety-five pages later, I can’t crawl out. It’s as if the vortex of Al’s Dinner and the machine full of sharp teeth inside the Texas School Book Depository have kidnapped me. Stephen King’s words are holding me hostage until I finish the remaining hundred and forty-seven pages.

Dishes collect in the sink. My family complains of hunger. The dog scratches at the door.

“Mom. Are you listening?”

“Just a sec. Let me finish this page.”


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