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Midweek Update 3/6/08

See Juno.  Bacon and I are going this morning.  He’s off today, and we are celebrating our wedding anniversary!  21 years. We’re legal, finally.


Blog. This is it, baby.


Buy plants and seed for my backyard flower beds.  Here’s the current list:  I bought plants, and a lot of seeds.  


Early Girl tomatoes.  I found this variety.  They are tiny!  I usually buy bigger plants, but since it may freeze again this week. I haven’t planted them yet.  I bought a six pack.

Lettuce seed. Black Seeded Simpson and Vivian, a type of romaine

Green bean seed. Blue Lake bush beans.  They come in a big fat envelope.  The girls were intrigued.

Zinnia seed.  I found these really weird colored green flowers. They’re called Envy.  I couldn’t resist.

Morning Glory seed.  Celestial Mix (the regular big purple and blue flowers I always plant), Crimson Rambler (a pink flower with heart shaped leaves), and Scarlett O’Hara (giant red flowers)

Moonflower seed. Two packages of Giant White 

Hibiscus. Still looking.  I couldn’t find any this week. 

Bamboo. Ditto.  Too early to be out yet.

Bougainvillea. The plants were pitiful, so I fell for some pink jasmine.  The scent is wonderful.  My car was full of jasmine all the way home. I keep thinking, “I’ve got to use this smell in a story.” 

Marigold seed. A mix of yellow and orange


I went nuts at the seed counter and added this to the basket as well: 

Four 0’clocks.  Dad always had Four 0’Clocks in the yard, and Cherry’s orphanage in China had Four O’Clocks on the grounds.  

Cosmos. I left them off the list by accident.

Nasturtium.  My neighbor plants these. I thought they were so pretty last year.

Basil and Parsley.  It’s economics.  I can’t pay that much for the stuff in the grocery store.

Mammoth Sunflowers. I grew these plate sized, ten feet tall monsters last year, and then, watched the squirrels devour them.  It was pure entertainment! 


Grocery shopping and meal planning.  Done!


Buy an anniversary present for Bacon.  He bought me a new pair of Levi’s and hiking shoes.  I bought him a straw cowboy hat and a fishing license.  Sounds practical I know, but we are both happy.


Read, make notes, and clean up Act 1 before moving on to Act 2. The plot work on this draft is finished!

I’m making good progress.  I have fixed the verb tense problems that I was having with the narrative.  I write in first person point of view, so it’s sometimes hard to get the verbs correct the first time through.  I’ve been working on structure, marking the beats and checking the heroine’s character arc through the first act. I’ll be at this another week before I can move on.


In other news, we voted in the presidential caucus on Tuesday night, the Texas two-step.   I’ve always voted in elections, but the caucus was a new experience.  The room was packed.  Cherry and Coco were up past their bedtime, but they got to see citizenship in action.  It’s pretty cool for two little girls, born in China, to watch their parents engage in the democratic process.  

4 thoughts on “Midweek Update 3/6/08

  1. So tell me how you get your seeds to grow. I never have luck.

    I saw some hibiscus at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago. They’re my favorite. My favorite place to get them, though, is Shades of Green on Sunset. Great colors.


  2. I love Shades of Green. I bought my hydrangea there last summer. They were the only place that had them. Another great place is Antique Rose Emporium. It’s close to Rolling Oaks mall. They have terrific stuff.

    Cool about the delegate thing. I couldn’t believe the crowd.

    Thanks for stopping by, Mary!



  3. Oh, about the seeds. It was hit and miss at first. I figured out that I could really grow Zinnias, so I planted a bunch. The next year they just came up on their own. I did the same thing with the morning glories. My philosophy is to not be snobby about it. If I can grow one thing well, I’ll grow a lot of it…so I have a huge zinnia bed!

    I live on top of a rock pile. Every flower bed is raised. Bacon brings in all the dirt and puts it where ever I want it. Works for me!



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