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The Dirty Dozen–lazy∞

Saturday is a lazy day at our house. The kids get up at dawn (because they aren’t allowed to get up before it’s light outside) and watch junk television. It’s the only time I allow them to watch commercials. The rest of the time, it’s strictly PBS Kids or approved DVDs. Bacon and I try to sleep in, but usually end up awake earlier than we want to be. We drink a lot of coffee and watch the birds in the backyard and eventually go for a walk. It’s always been the hardest day of the week for me to be a writer. No routine, no discipline, no list. This afternoon, the football game was on. Our team lost, and I couldn’t bear to watch, so I wrote today’s pages during the game.

Apparently, others are facing the same news media overload that I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks. The New York Times has this to say about it. If you’re interested in the latest presidential polls, my new favorite site can be found here.  

Have a great Sunday!

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