Passive Resistance

This is my view when I walk out my front door. Needless to say, I didn’t vote for any of these candidates. My next door neighbors, a couple of octogenarians, are not only members of the John Birch Society (I’ve picked up their mail for them), they dressed their house up for Halloween as a republican polling station.

Back in 2016, we had a short, but uncomfortable conversation about the presidential election. I wrote about it here. In those days, she claimed he wasn’t a racist. I’m not going to ask how that’s working out for her. I feel like she’s delivering the message with the sheer number of signs, a passive aggressive up-yours.

I’m resisting the bait.

In all other ways, my neighbors are great people to have next door. They send electronic holiday cards for every occasion. They share surplus produce from their kitchen garden. They even gave my oldest a large check for high school graduation. But, I’ve noticed since election season started, and it started early here, they’ve avoided meeting us at the mailbox.

Many in our neighborhood have posted Beto signs. Maybe, the folks next door felt they had to do their part. Maybe, I’m dreaming that this is all pointed at me. Maybe, they’ve forgotten I’m a liberal. Maybe, dementia is involved.

Many people make false assumptions about Texas. They assume that all of us are a part of the current president’s tribe. We aren’t. San Antonio is a majority-minority city. We’re the parents of minority children. The Alamo City’s racial diversity is one reason we call it home.

The Day of the Dead has come and gone. Election day is tomorrow. I hope all of the passive resisters go vote for Beto O’Rourke. I already did.



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