Redux: Day 4


  • This water lilly is blooming in my bathtub fish pond. The goldfish like to hang out just under the lilly’s petals.
  • I spent most of the day at a doctor’s appointment, so it wasn’t much of a writing day.  I edited a few pages in the waiting room, but I didn’t make any real progress.
  • I planned to take this day off from writing, so I’m not behind.

Redux: Day 3

  • I’m through page 140 of the rewrite, adding ten pages to the original draft.
  • The work is easier today. I’m finished by 7:00 p.m. When I look at it tomorrow, I’ll probably want to go back and rewrite more.
  • Cherry is writing a Halloween story about a family of kittens. It’s nice to have a writing companion.

Redux: Day 2

  • Favorite new line: “Turn, hell-hound, turn.” How often do you get to quote Shakespeare where it really fits in the scene?
  • Is it legal to quote the Pottery Born Rule without permission? “You break it; you own it.” And, who’s permission do I need? I gave Colin Powell credit, but some version of it was quoted in every newspaper, everywhere. It seems almost like pop culture. Trust me, it fits in a romance novel. 
  • This was another hard day. The bulk of the work came late. Bacon is snoring on the couch as I write.

Dirty Dozen Redux–Day 1

It’s 9:00 p.m. I’ve been writing for most of the last 12 hours. Here are notes on the day:

  • My original 10 pages became 16 in today’s rewrite. I added a scene from scratch.
  • The hardest thing is the most obvious. It’s really hard to write all day. My brain is mush.
  • Cooking dinner, I was so distracted that I put a teaspoon of cinnamon instead of cumin in the chili. My family ate it anyway.
  • During Dancing With the Stars, Coco ran in after every performance with scores. She didn’t want me to miss anything.