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Crispy Links

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week on the web.

Stephen ElliottĀ has a book promotion idea that sounds like the beginning of a new book. He traveled to out of the way locales to do readings in front of not-so-literary audiences, crashing on sofas and eating cupcakes. His book tour on-the-cheap isn’t for me, but I loved reading about it.”The D.I.Y. Book Tour.”

Agent Nathan Bransford has guest bloggers this week. This post by Myrlin A. HermesĀ is terrific. “How To Make a Book Trailer.”

Also, from the same blog post–royalty free music for short movies and book trailers. The best thing about the site, besides the price, is you can plug in the emotions you want to evoke, (humorous, heroic, horror) and the index will match the music for you. Sort of like a database for background music. Very, very cool.

If you haven’t seen this yet, go there now. Nicolas Cage’s face superimposed on Frida Kahlo and King Kong is worth a laugh, definitely.