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HP Marathon

HP Marathon1HP Marathon2Spring break. The time to sleep in, eat junk food, and binge on Harry Potter movies.

Coco begs at the beginning of every school vacation for a Harry Potter marathon. She’s always wanted to watch all eight movies back-to-back without sleep. No sleep makes all of us supreme grouches. I’m way past all-nighters, especially the self-inflicted kind, but my teenagers are persistent.

We started Saturday night with movies one, two, and three. At the end of Azkaban, Coco was the only one awake. She hates the fourth movie because Cedric dies. She wasn’t up to watching that all alone, so at one in the morning, she turned it off.

We were back in front of the television on Sunday afternoon with four, five, and six. Leaving seven, the film I call “Let’s Go Camping” and eight, for Monday. I love that we’re all watching in the same room. With individual phones and computers, that doesn’t happen as often as it used to. And I love that we can all quote the dialogue, sometimes in unison. Cherry’s rendition of Ron Weasley’s howler is classic.

Notice in the photo above, even the dog watches Harry Potter.

How did you spend your spring break?