Lonely Grouse

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Grouse in the Wild

Do you enjoy doing things by yourself?

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Critique Partner

By nature, writers need to be alone. Most days I’m happy-happy talking to myself in strange voices, running the dialog past my favorite critique partner, Jasmine Tea Schnauzer.

And then, I have a day like today. Call it mood. My husband, who usually fills the gas tank, leaves the car on empty. My oldest guilts me into letting her wear my new Keds to school. The characters in my book aren’t yelling loud enough for me to get them off the cliff where they’ve been hanging since Sunday.

I google people I knew in the ’80s. I find out. They’re dead. I obsess over my kids’ grades in the school’s, too convenient, Parent Portal. The meter reader passes through my fenced backyard, eight feet from the family room window. I check myself. I’m covered–albeit in a flannel pajama top and yoga pants. I scramble for cover, wondering if he’ll close the gate behind him. Will I remember before the dog runs out to chase a squirrel?

On this day, I’m a lonely grouse.

I have two choices.

A. Continue on the current path. Write nothing. Search Google for dead acquaintances. Hide out until late afternoon when I’m forced to think about school pick-up and dinner prep. By this time, I’ll be raving, cracked, and depraved.


B. Get the hell out of Dodge.

Opting for B.

Do you like to be alone or are you a lonely grouse, too?


Not Quite Stieglitz for 3/27/2015

Here’s the photo of the week.

My sweet Coco and her puppy, Jazzy


Coffee With a Canine

Jazzy and I are featured today by Marshal Zeringue at Coffee With a Canine. Click here to check out our interview. Many thanks to Marshal for having us over!CoffeewCanineJazzy5

Rear View Mirror for 3/8/2015

A linear recap of the past week’s thoughts and events.

Sunday: The best blog for writers to read about publishing belongs to Janet Reid, AKA The Shark. Her words are honest, kind, and witty. Last Sunday, her Sharkness quoted me!

Monday: I finished my second Lee Child novel in a week, and once again, I’m hooked on The Voice.

Tuesday: It seemed like a good idea at the time to enroll Coco in both orchestra and choir. She loves music, and all of the music teachers at her school are fabulous. Months later, she’s over scheduled and frustrated. Today, she spent the day at a choir contest and the night at an orchestra concert. Too much music education in one day.

Wednesday: I missed Wednesday coffee with friends, so here’s some schnauzer love to make up for it.

Thursday: I worked on my work in progress at La Madeleine, home of french pastry, free WiFi, and a bottomless coffee cup.

Anniversaryphotos1Anniversaryphotos2Friday: Bacon and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, dinner at Josephine’s with the girls.

Saturday: Clean up day at our neighborhood pool. I hope summer comes soon!

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