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Crispy Update

  • Coco will have strabismus surgery on March 17. At least, she has spring break to start the recovery. She’s nervous. So is mom. But we’ve been through it before, and I trust her doctor.
  • I’m working through the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, using Scrivener in two screens–the answered workbook question on one side of the screen and the manuscript text on the other. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s easier for me than shifting from pen and paper to keyboard. Everything’s right in front of me. Cherry said this morning, “All you ever do is write.” She wasn’t happy when she said it. Which should give you a clue about the amount of time I’m spending in my office.
  • I saw parents of a former student at Lowe’s yesterday. He’s working on a PhD. in Theatre History. I can’t help but be proud.
  • Press the green tab that reads, Schooled, at the top of the page to see a few images from my book. I’ll add more research when time allows.
  • I worked in the garden yesterday. I’d love to post photos, but so far there’s nothing to see. It’s still winter. We have broccoli and chard. Not much else. Bacon’s working on hardscape–laying pavers today.
  • Cherry starts TAKS testing this week with her writing exam.
  • I finished judging the Golden Heart entries. From a writer’s perspective, it’s interesting to read other entries . I find a cliche and think, “Did I do that?” Then, I open my manuscript and change the thing that drives me crazy.