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Unedited Notebook Entry 12/10/12

NotebookEntryI have a really bad attitude this morning. Bacon has a stomach virus–probably I gave it to him, but I haven’t been that sick. Anyway–no coffee in the house–took the girls to school to eat breakfast–went to HEB for Pepto – soy milk & BRAT diet food. tried the drive through line @ Las Palapas–too long. Walked in instead. Possibly the only person in the store who didn’t know me waited on me. That’s like walking into Cheers and finding Sam Malone has been exchanged for the Soup Nazi. Got my stuff came home–hauled everything in. Oh I forgot to mention–it’s 35° and the heater in the van didn’t work. Wind, cold, no coffee, husband w/the runs

Nothing but good times ahead . . .