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What Lies Behind

IMG_0218We’re on a home improvement binge here at Crispville. I haven’t mentioned it because the repairs take over everything. I don’t want to turn Crisply Spoken into that kind of blog. To quote Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” I love Young House Love and Remodelista. They fill a hole left by the demise of my favorite glossies, Domino and Cottage Living, but I spend too much time contemplating the perfect shade of gray or penny tile versus subway. Click this link to my Pinterest Boards, and you’ll see. I should be writing.

But … nothing on YHL compares to the soggy sheet rock behind my washing machine. I only thought to take a picture after it crumbled onto the linoleum. I want to show the pipe configuration to my plumber. He’s buying a timeshare in Vail with the cash I’ve spent to unclog this drain.

The iron skeleton reminds me of my novel synopsis. After chipping away the details, the structural problems are obvious. Time to get off the internet and write.