Good Housekeeping: The Blog Not the Magazine

Timing:  I’m still trying to figure this out.  For now, I’ll be posting twice a week, Sunday and Thursday.  

  Images:  I took the photo on the header.  I like to take pictures. My grandfather was a professional photographer.  Many of my cousins work in the photography business.  I have no training, but I’ve been told I have an “eye”.  It must be genetic.  I’ll be changing the photo on the “About” page every few days.

Words:  I like to quote.  It’s good to have a sound bite that makes me think.  Check out the sidebar for the latest.

Disclaimer:  For security purposes, I will avoid naming the names of those I love.  I’m not frightened, but you never know.  It’s possible that I embarrass my family enough without naming names.  I explained about pen names to my girls.  They are thrilled to be Cherry Crisp, lover of all things pink, and Coco Crisp, never met a chocolate she didn’t love.   Cross my heart.  My girls have real names–names that pass the “I could be a Supreme Court Justice with this name” test.  I won’t be using those here.  Cherry and Coco thought my husband should be Bacon Crisp.  I told him he could be Bacon if he managed to bring home some. . .(insert rimshot here).

What good is a cute last name if you can’t make fun of yourself?  

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