Goals for this week, 2/4/08

1. Morning Pages.  For 15 minutes every morning, I write whatever comes off of the top of my head.  Thank God no one reads it!

2. Walk 30 minutes every day.  I think that spring may be here. I saw cardinals and mockingbirds today.

3. Six pages a day on my work in progress. I upped this from last week because, when I wrote, I managed seven.  The problem is that I only wrote for three days.  

4. Blog two times this week.  I know I’m late.  I should have posted this yesterday.  I watched the Superbowl last night.  I became a Giants fan on the last drive. Wow.

5. Get 15 pages ready for critique group by Thursday.  I sent in 10 pages last week.  It was really good for me.

6. Add to the collage for the work in progress.  I’ll explain what this is later in the week.  I’m working on a blog entry about collage.


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