This is a week of simple discoveries.


Below the quote box to the right of your screen, hit the goodreads button.  It will lead you to a cool site where I have listed the books that I’ve read, and those I’m currently reading.  I’ve tried before to keep a list of books read, but I’ve never kept up.  This website helps me keep track with a click of a button.  Check it out.  It’s a pretty cool for book-crazy folk.


Friday, the girls were out of school for President’s Day. Leave it to our school district to pick a day at random instead of the federal holiday. We took advantage of being the only school out by going to see Enchanted.  I know it was released in November. I’m slow, but I’m so glad we got around to going.  Coco, Cherry, and I had a great time.  Coco had to cuddle during the last scary scene, but that makes it even better.


It’s spring in my backyard!  It happened suddenly.  I noticed a week ago that the mesquite trees were budding.  Today, my Mountain Laurel tree is in bloom.




As an after school project last week, Cherry and Coco planted these window boxes.  They hang on the bay window outside my kitchen.  I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch the black butterfly we saw on the pansies this morning.




I wish my mom were around to see what I did with her old wire chicken basket.  I think it has finally found a home with the sedum.




I also planted these Gerbera Daisies this week.  I couldn’t resist the hot colors.




I haven’t had much luck with bulb plants in my yard.  Between the squirrels that think the bulbs are candy, and the limestone under the tiny layer of topsoil, I’ve never had tulips or irises do well.  Funny, I don’t remember ever planting these tiny Paperwhite Narcissus. They just appear in my yard in early spring.  Cherry told me the Greek myth of Narcissus this week.  She was thrilled to make the connection between the man in the mirror and the little flower.




The Echinacea that we planted last year is coming up.  I thought these were lost to the hard freeze.  I’m thrilled to see them make it through the winter.  Hard to believe by midsummer these will be tall purple coneflowers.




We don’t have bluebonnets yet, but it won’t be long.  Have a good week!  



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