Goals for this week, 3/2/08

This week I want to:


See Juno.




Buy plants and seed for my backyard flower beds.  Here’s the current list:


Early Girl tomatoes. My sister grew them last year and had a ton before July 4th. I’ve always planted Celebrity, and they’re roasted by the Texas sun before mid-July.

Lettuce seed.

Green bean seed. I like bush beans because they’re pretty and I don’t have to prop them up with poles.

Zinnia seed. I have a huge bed that always comes up volunteer, reseeding from the year before. I worry that this may be the year it doesn’t come back, so I overcompensate.  I buy a few packages every year to plant on top of what’s already there.

Morning Glory seed.  Ditto with the volunteer dilemma. Also, having more than one variety means they last all summer.

Moonflower seed.  I planted these last summer, and they look like giant white hibiscus, but they bloom at night.  Last year I did a trellis.  This year I’m doing window boxes on my patio. 

Hibiscus. For a tub in my rock garden. 

Bamboo. It’s invasive, but I have tubs to contain it, and since bamboo has a Chinese ambiance, I have to have it.

Bougainvillea. for the trellis that held moonflowers last year. 

Marigold seed. For Coco. She’s been asking since January, “Did you get my marigold seeds?”


Grocery shopping and meal planning. It’s not a want to. I’m out of everything.  I won’t bore you with that list.


Buy an anniversary present for Bacon.  We’ve been married for 21 years on March 6.


Read, make notes, and clean up Act 1 before moving on to Act 2. The plot work on this draft is finished!

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