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The Florida Marlin’s baseball team has hired a group of plus-sized male cheerleaders, the Manatees.  It’s a gimmick, but I can’t imagine a group using large women as cheerleaders. Why is this acceptable for an obese man, but not for a woman of similar stature?  Bacon called it, fatsploitation.  It begs the question: are fat men sexier than fat women?  This bothers me on so many levels. I hope they have a heart defibrillator in the Marlin’s First Aid kit.  One of these guys is bound to need it before the end of the season.


Read about the Manatees here in the LA Times:  


We have a new F word at our house.  Today, Coco’s sentence of choice is, “It’s not FAIR.” This is always in reference to something Cherry has that Coco wants. In the middle of the best time, I hear that word sneak into the manipulation. Sorry, I meant to say conversation. 


Another word play I’m hearing has to do with double negatives.   Specifically, substituting no for any as in “We don’t have no ice cream.” I may have gone overboard on this.  The girls corrected the villain on Strawberry Shortcake.  (He was trying to steal Honey Pie, the horse.)  At least, Strawberry said it correctly. 



Bacon saw what he thought was a coral snake at our park today.  What is it with guys?  If they see a predator, they think it’s their duty to kill it. 


The backstory is that Bacon is pathologically afraid of snakes.  Never mind that he’s huge. At 6’7” not much scares him, except snakes.  I’m talking BAD DREAM afraid.  


Anyway. . . He remembered the snake safety rhyme that Cherry learned at school. “Red and yellow, kill a fellow; red and black, venom lack.” This snake fit the red and yellow part.  As Bacon stood contemplating whether to stomp it to death or to throw a big rock at it, the snake slithered away.  Bacon came home from the park and googled coral snakes. Both Cherry and Coco said, “Cool, a snake.”  All I could think was, “Dude, just walk away.”


We’ll see what happens tonight when his subconscious kicks into REM mode.



On my quilt collage, I gave Annie new eyes. It’s funny how a little thing makes a difference.  When it comes to writing this book, I’m eating the elephant one bite at a time. 


Annie Smart 3.29.08 


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