My Backyard

Since I’ve been writing gardening analogies, I decided to show off my inspiration. Here are current photographs of my backyard garden.

early girl tomatoes 

Early Girl Tomatoes

I planted tomatoes the first week of March. I have six plants, and each plant has fruit.


red tree trellis

Grapevine On My Red Tree Branch Trellis

I built this trellis last year out of a tree branch and red spray paint.  Everyone who sees it asks, “What’s that red tree?”





Grapes On the Vine

The vine is fifteen years old. This is the first year I’ve had grapes.  Hope springs eternal.






My Zinnia Patchzinnia patch

Our next door neighbor asked, “Did you feed these plants something to make them so big?”  Nope.  It’s the one thing I’m sure I can grow.






salvia and Eutin Roses

Blue Salvia and Eutin Roses

Coco grew the salvia from seeds several years ago. It’s a perennial that keeps on giving.  The Eutin rose in the background is an antique. It smells fabulous.




window boxWindow Box with Moonflowers

This box holds begonias, stonecrop, and you guessed it, moonflowers. The line above is jute attached to the eave. Hopefully, the vine will reach for the moon.





sedum in the rock garden

Sedum In the Rock Garden

Bacon built a rock garden that looks like a creek bed flowing from my patio. Here are a few container plants from Holy Ghost Creek Too.  The grass is called Fiber Optic Grass ’cause that’s what it looks like.  The watering can holds Cyclamen, past its prime, but still green.  The large terra cotta is home to assorted sedum.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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