Randomly Crisp

I STILL have vertigo. I can’t drive. If I could, I couldn’t afford gas. I went back the ENT. He wants me to have a test called  an ENG. The clinician shoots warm and cold water in your ears, and then tries to induce vomiting. I’m not going to go through with it. I already know I’m dizzy. It seems pointless to have a test that is the opposite of therapeutic. I’ve learned that my mother, my grandmother, and my sister all had this problem. They recovered. So will I.

This week my goal is to write three hours a day. Instead of setting a specific number of pages, I’m committing to sit behind the computer for three hours. So far, weekdays have gone well, but weekends, not so much. Thursday, Friday and Monday, I did it. Saturday was Swim Meet Day. Sunday was Recover From the Swim Meet Day. I’ll keep working at it.

It’s hot here. Hot. Windy. Dry. Everything shriveled early. Our usual mid-July weather struck in early June. On the bright side, we have tomatoes. The Early Girls are a success. I took a sack to a friend, and she asked if I was becoming “Ouiser Boudreaux” from Steel Magnolias.  Bacon thought that was hysterical. I may keep the rest of the crop to myself. 

2 thoughts on “Randomly Crisp

  1. Your tomatoes look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! I never did get around to planting any. Oh well. Another time, maybe.
    We spent a week camping in northern New Mexico. Lows in the mid-40’s and highs in the upper 70’s!!!! It was great. We didn’t want to come home to the 100’s


  2. Hi Mindee! I pulled up all the tomatoes around July 1. It got so hot that the plants fried, but we enjoyed the fruit all month. We are headed to NM soon. I can’t wait to get there!


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