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Kicking Out the Z

My blog has a new title, Author, Elisabeth Crisp. After a lifetime of typing a Z, it’s hard to make my fingers type an S. From the beginning I planned to purchase a domain. Marketers claim it’s best to have your name followed by dot com. It’s my name that’s been the hold up. Elizabeth (with a z) Crisp dot com is owned by a real estate agent in Georgia. My legal name is so common that it’s already used by another romance writer.

Last Thursday, I looked at my list of goals for the year, and buy a web domain was still unchecked, so I bit the bullet. I’ve never been fond of alternate spellings, but I like the way the S in Elisabeth matches the S in Crisp. In big block letters (like on the cover of a book) it stands out:



I feel like a middle school girl practicing my signature. It has nothing to do with actually writing a book, but it’s done. I’m marking it off my list. If you’re reading via RSS feed, please update to the new address:  https://elisabethcrisp.com/

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