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The Dirty Dozen–6

I walked at the park this morning. At the far end of the green belt loop under the water fountain was a dog bowl. I’ve never seen it there before. No one was around, so I walked over to check it out. On the side of the plastic dish in Sharpie marker was written:

In memory of Skip, who liked to go on walks with his family.

When I got home, Bacon asked, “What did you see?” I told him the story. It made me tear up. Maybe, it was the mood I was in at the time. Bacon’s response was “That’s terrible.”

I have to confess. Nothing connects the dog bowl story to the rest of this post. It’s just what happened to me today.

In other news, I finished the rough draft of Act 3. Tomorrow, I start the beginning of the end. It was hard writing, and tonight, I’m really a victim of fried brain.

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