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Bacon celebrated my finish by gifting me with a big set of Pilot G2 gel pens. I love these things. I’m very stuck on the pink one. I wish I could buy a box of pink, but the good colors only come one to a set. I can’t wait to get started with it.

I’m not the only lover of pink at our house. Cherry spent her birthday money on a new pink fleece hoody from The Gap. Her old one was really worn out. It’s difficult to be the mom and let her pick her own, but she did a great job. Our next stop was Borders. Cowgirl Crisp sent a gift card for the bookstore. Cherry is really my kid. Nothing thrills her more than new books. She bought three of Erin Hunter’s Warriors books, one of them in manga. She made all of her own decisions at Borders too. Bacon really wanted to help, but he left it to Cherry.

I’m a football widow tonight. We came home to discover that both OU (University of Oklahoma) and UT (Texas) were on television in back-to-back games. It looks like I have all evening to work on the manuscript.

2 thoughts on “Rewards

  1. I love Gel Writers. My mom bought me a set of 100 at Sam’s last Christmas. I like the pink glittery ones šŸ˜‰

    I’m a pink girl too – my laptop and my phone are both pink.


  2. Cherry loves pink so much we call her Pinky Pie after the horse on My Little Pony. She’s going to love being reminded of that when she’s sixteen.


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