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Ready, Set, Revise

I finished the read through today. The entire copy is marked up in pink ink. Some of the notes are random. “What was I thinking?” or “Who wrote this?” Some are specific. “Shouldn’t the dog be in this scene?” If I die before I finish, the notes will make no sense to anyone, so I guess I have to live through it and finish the damn thing.

Tonight, I bundled the manuscript into packets of 10 pages each, stapled in the top left hand corner, and wrote a number on each packet. We’ll see how it goes from here. I know myself. If I bite off too much, I’ll give up. The plan is to work on one packet a day. I can’t go back. I can’t go forward. 

I don’t have any cute stories to tell today. I didn’t get out much. Bear with me, I may have more days like this.

One thought on “Ready, Set, Revise

  1. Just remember it is like eating an elephant…one bite at a time and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming! Or should I make that a flylady analogy so no animal will be hurt in the process…15 mins at a time, one drwaer at a time and it will get done.

    I know you can do it~!!


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