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The Golden Heart

Last Wednesday, November 26, I finished the second draft of my book. It’s short, and I have enough To Do’s to start again, writing from start to finish. I’ll be doing that soon. A year ago, I made a list of goals, a four year plan.  My goals for 2008 were:

  1. Complete the manuscript
  2. Enter The Golden Heart

I accomplished both last week. The manuscript has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s continuous without gaps. My heroine solves a problem and grows in the process. I’m not done. Like I said, another draft is waiting to be written, but the story has a life of its own now, outside the confines of my brain.

The Golden Heart is a contest for unpublished writers sponsored by the Romance Writers of America. I don’t expect to win or to final, but I entered. Having the goal with a deadline forced me to finish.  

My manuscript was delivered in yesterday’s mail, a day before today’s deadline. A year ago today, my dad died. I miss him. It’s ironic the way the calendar works. One of the lessons Dad taught me was perseverance. Thanks, Dad.

3 thoughts on “The Golden Heart

  1. Congratulations! The dragon is slain! That is a wonderful accomplishment. I am at home clapping furiously and cheering for you.


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