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Six years ago today, Coco became my daughter. She was a tiny elf, but already a force of nature, full of laughter and strong opinions.  For the past few days, she’s been reminding us, “Monday is my Gotcha Day!” We’ll celebrate by going to see The Tale of Despereaux and eating at California Pizza Kitchen. Here are then and now pictures. 


The girls in China, the week after Coco claimed us.


Last week at a friend’s birthday in full fairy princess regalia.

2 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Wow! The girls have changed a bunch! They look so cute! (then and now!)

    Are you on Facebook? I haven’t checked for you, but in case you are, I am, too.

    Hope all is well with y’all.



  2. Emily, I’m not on Facebook. So far this is as much as I can keep up with. Maybe in 2009, I’ll add it.

    Loved your Christmas card. Your kids are precious! Funny how they grow up while we aren’t paying attention.

    Take care!


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