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Spring Breakage

Sunday: Bacon took the girls fishing at a by-the-pound-catch-your-very-own-catfish place. They came home with 7 pounds of the most expensive fish ever purchased. While they were gone, I wrote a page.

Monday: I went shopping for a grill. I bought one, only to discover the heating element missing. Four stores and several empty boxes later, I found a complete package. Running to the check-out counter, I took it home to grill the fish. 

Tuesday: I tried to write while the girls watched Peter Pan. After the umpteenth “I won’t grow up. I won’t grow up,” I went to Starbucks where I wrote four pages in subzero temperatures. Starbucks requires all coffee houses to maintain the same thermostat setting, nationwide. What might work for Phoenix’s 7% humidity, does not work for San Antonio’s 70%.

Air Conditioning + Humidity = Snow

Wednesday: The rain came. This is significant because:

  1.  It hasn’t rained here in an annum.
  2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was playing on our DVD player. 

I went to Borders, where I wrote three pages. The bottom floor was covered with piles of stuff, not books, labeled with huge SALE signs. The store resembled K-Mart, but the coffee was good, and the employees were nice. They didn’t mind me hanging out all afternoon writing the next bestseller poised to save the publishing world from impending financial doom. I can dream can’t I?

Thursday: I was back at Siberian Starbucks. I wrote three pages. Bacon and the girls watched Remember the Titans.

Friday: The furnace went out. I waited all day for the HVAC man to show up. He did at 4:45 p.m., declaring it dead. I scavenged a space heater from the camper. Bacon pumped up an air mattress, and the girls had a sleepover on the floor of our bedroom. To think, we nixed a camp-out because of bad weather. We camped at home.

Total pages for the week: 11. The new heater will be installed on Tuesday.

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