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This week, I . . .

  1. found a new place to write–Las Palapas, a Mexican Cafe. Big windows and constant coffee refills make it warm and friendly. No air conditioning turned to Siberian levels. A taco and coffee costs $2.49. That’s cheaper than a Venti at Starbucks.
  2. met with Cherry and Coco’s teachers. They are both wonderful. We are so lucky.
  3. planted veggies in the garden. More later in April’s Gardening Journal post.
  4. tried to climb Enchanted Rock, but the park was so crowded, we couldn’t get in.
  5. instead, we walked downtown Fredricksburg, ate ice-cream, drank local beer, talked to two men with giant telescopes, and ate fried chicken at Po Po’s on the way home.
  6. celebrated Bacon’s birthday by eating Symphony Brownies for breakfast, and giving him this shirt. 
This photo is a courtesy of Cherry Crisp.
This photo appears courtesy of Cherry Crisp.

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