Joined at the Heart

Easter Traditions

Our holiday celebration is full of tradition, just not the standard Easter Bunny approach that I grew up with.


Easter baskets are built around a theme. This year it was beach towels, water guns, flip-flops and swim goggles in a metal bucket. 


We hunt plastic eggs in the backyard. The eggs are filled with coins. It rained last night. Coins are more weather and ant tolerant than chocolate.


After counting our money, we decorate eggs with markers, building egg men and funny faces, along with flowery squiggles and hearts. We eat the eggs as soon as they are all decorated.


After breakfast, we go back to the patio for a cascarone smash. Everyone gets confettied, even the dog. She doesn’t care for it much.


That’s it for the formal celebration. The rest of the day is spent playing, eating, and being together. Happy Easter!

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