cottage garden

May Garden Journal


In March, I bought three tiny pots of old fashioned, reseeding petunias. I’ve cut them back twice, but they still float over this entire bed. The good thing about a plant like this is it squeezes out the weeds. The tall blue flowers in the background are Celestial Carpet Salvia, a perennial that reappears in the spring and blooms all summer. Coco started it from seed in a flower pot three years ago.


We have grapes! So far the squirrels and birds haven’t found them.


Unfortunately, the animals have found the tomatoes. These are the hybrid Celebrity planted with squash and parsley.


I couldn’t resist this dark blue iris. The lighter flower in the background is plumbago.


I repotted the water lilly last month. This is our first bloom of the season in the bathtub fishpond.


The Asiatic Lilly blooms for only for a few weeks, but the blossoms are spectacular.

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