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Crispy Update

On Writing:

  • I sent the first 50 pages off to Donald Maass. I’ll be attending his Breakout Novel Intensive Workshop in September. This is the first time I’ve sent anything OUT. Although it isn’t a query, it’s a step.
  • Finished the third act this week. I know. I’ve been working on it forever, but Tuesday, I finished it.
  • I’m starting the fourth act. At this point, I have 30 pages left, 30 really terrible pages. After dissecting the beats, I’ll make a new outline. Then, I go back to the three page a day grind.

On Everything Else:

  • We took Coco and Cherry to Fiesta Texas yesterday. I’m not over it yet. The park is run down, but they had a great time. Bacon and I agreed, we weren’t looking to buy season passes.We don’t like it enough to go back that often.
  • I cleaned my wood floor with olive oil and vinegar. I felt like I was dressing a salad, but it worked. With Coco’s asthma, I’m always looking for non-toxic cleaning methods. This one was good enough to eat. I got the idea to try it here.
  • Since Holy Ghost, I’m not back into the blogging habit. I’m writing, but not in essay form. I’ll post updates for a few weeks.
  • There’s not much going on in the garden, other than trying to keep the investment plants alive through the drought. Hope it ends soon.

3 thoughts on “Crispy Update

  1. Sad to hear Fiesta Texas is run down. We used to love going out there, but it’s been 5 years, probably.

    I bookmarked that cleaning article, thanks!


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