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Dog Daze

Lilly Tang frolics among the wildflowers in the Pecos Wilderness.

It’s the long end of summer. Here are a few random notes about what is going on in my life.

  • I finished the rewrite. The manuscript has a new working title, Schooled. My job now is to go through the manuscript a section at a time, fixing duplicated words and typos. It will take every waking minute of the next ten days to finish before The Breakout Novel Intensive Workshop.
  • Cherry has been sick for five days. We visited the pediatrician yesterday. At least Cherry doesn’t have the Swine Flu. So for now, we’re in wait-it-out mode.
  • I have a car! BBC1 fixed Bacon’s truck when all the mechanics in town said it couldn’t be fixed.
  • Rain. We have rain. I planted tomatoes. The squirrels dug them up. I replanted them. They dug them up again. I replanted, again. The only thing proved is I can be as consistent as a squirrel.

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