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All Dressed Up

We enjoyed New Year’s Eve on the Riverwalk. The crowd was thick with tourists and Alamo Bowl participants, but we hit the town early and left before anyone got shoved into the canal.

We don’t have Currier and Ives snow scenes, but there’s nothing like a San Antonio Christmas. The river is a jewel with lights twinkling from every cyprus tree. They’re on from just after Thanksgiving until a week after New Year’s. Then, the canals are drained and cleaned. I’ve heard the workers find thousands of cellphones, car-keys, assorted sunglasses in the muck before they re-open the flood gates.

We were lucky to have good weather. The afternoon high was 76°. The evening was balmy until a cold front blew in another annual rite, mountain juniper pollen.

As always, click on any photo to see a larger view.

2 thoughts on “All Dressed Up

  1. I love the lights on the river walk, just gorgeous. I’d love to see it at Christmas sometime! And is that tree in front of the Alamo as big as it looks in the picture?


    1. The tree in front of the Alamo was enormous. I took the picture on the sidewalk across a five lane street. The Alamo isn’t really so big, but that tree was huge.

      My girls would love to play in your snow, but after a while, we would all want to come home to our winter weather!


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