Crispy Update

I kept thinking I’d find something worthy to write about. Since I haven’t, here’s a list of the not-so-exciting things happening around Crispworld.

1/29 Ate at Guenther House.

1/30 Took the girls to Chinese.

2/1 Bacon had a job interview. Bought groceries. Took the dog to the vet.

2/2 Bacon worked at Pearson.

2/2  Ate Cheetos and salty hot dogs at Open House at the girl’s school.

2/3 Hung art on the wall above the new television. Made two trips to Hobby Lobby for assorted hanger things.

2/4 Bought new lamps.

2/6 Took the girls to Chinese, again. Happy Birthday, BBC2. (Sorry I didn’t call.) Cleaned flower beds.

2/7 Watched the Superbowl on the new television. Go Saints! Bacon rooted for Indy. Grumbling ensued.

2/8 Bought groceries, again.

I worked on the book everyday.

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