Wednesday Check-in · Writers Write

Wednesday Check-in

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: 69 tasks completed out of 591 possible,  10 since 7/21.

Miles walked: 3 since 7/21.

I flew through Lessons 8, 9, and 10.  I’ve worked on these things before.  A little tweaking, a new paragraph here and there, and I’m good to go. Lesson 11: Developing the Antagonist is the red meat of revision. I started last night. Basically, the writer looks at the book like the bad guy (antagonist) is the hero.  Not in white hat/black hat terms, but from the perspective, “What is the antagonist’s story?” Like many, my villain is a little cardboard. She needs muscle to fill her space, to make her menacing, and to show her motivation for things she does. Step 2 asks me to:

Create an extra dimension: write down your antagonist’s defining quality. Write down the opposite of that. Now create a paragraph in which your antagonist demonstrates the opposite quality that you have identified.

Her defining quality is ruthlessness, an inability to feel compassion for those, who stand in her way. Last night, I came up with the idea for the opposite. She feeds feral cats. Those strays are infiltrating my thoughts already. I can’t wait to put them on a page.

I walked a few miles around the neighborhood. I dug out the yoga routines, as well. The best thing I can say about yoga is I’m relieved when it’s over.

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