Wednesday Check-in · Writers Write

Wednesday Check-in

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: 84 tasks completed of 591. 5 since 9/15.

Lesson 12: Enriching your cast. Make a list of all the characters in the novel. Mark off two names. Combine. The purpose is to make the characters in the book–more. Give them more to do. More purpose. My story is set in a school. A teacher deals with more individuals in one day than many professions do in a year. Yet, it’s hard for a reader to keep up with so many names. It’s a good exercise.

Lesson 13: Raising Public Stakes. One of the first things I did after the BONI workshop was raise the stakes. I did it again while working on the antagonist. My original structure included four-part structure with turning points. So, I answered the questions for this lesson and made a chart to check during revisions.

I’m good to go. On to Lesson 14.

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