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Wednesday Check-in On Thursday

A Tale of Two Stacks. The one on the left is to do. The one on the right is done.


Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook: I finished Lesson 14: Making Complications Active. I could work on two more scenes, but laying awake last night, I figured the action was after-the-fact, and I would probably cut it later anyway. The scenes are outlined, so I’ll save the prep work and add them later if necessary.

I’m bogged down here, working at a snail’s pace. I know the things that need doing, but each task has become a marathon. At this stage the work is tedious, so I’m taking a break.

Sort of.

November is National Novel Writing Month. Notice the badge to the right? I’m participating in NANOWRIMO, I’ll be writing fifty thousand words in thirty days. For information about how you too can lose your senses and sign up, click on the icon.

The plan is to write a new story from scratch during the month of November. Outlines are acceptable, but early drafts are not. In the end, the author gets–are you ready for this?–bragging rights. I’m not waiting until December 1. You can follow my self congratulations and aggrandizement right here starting next Monday, November 1. I’ll be blogging everyday. Hopefully, some wisdom will seep into the drivel.

Just remember what Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is shit.”

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