NANOWRIMO · Writers Write


An excerpt:

“Interesting friend. I wouldn’t put you two together. She looks–”

“Before you embarrass yourself, let me say that Anita is my best friend–my only friend in the world. We don’t match up because we don’t. I murdered a man, and she used to be one.”

If Van’s aim had been to shock, she succeeded. It was all over Hud’s face. “Oh, come on. You don’t have transsexuals in New York?” She was enjoying this now.

“I know transsexuals. I’ve done stories on the procedure . . . procedures . . . but in everyday life, I don’t think about them.”

“You don’t know any?”

“Not really. No.”

“Anita’s a woman. She just wasn’t born that way.”

“A healthy, politically correct way to put it.”

“Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The City Different. You either love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground.”

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