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I don’t make resolutions, but I do set goals. A year ago, I wrote these things on a 3×5 index card:

  • Tab SCHOOLED with Donald Maass workshop notes (Did it.)
  • Write O’Keeffe/Dickens paper. (I did the research.)
  • Rewrite SCHOOLED. (I finished lessons 1-14 and 34 of Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.)
  • Create a comic throughline for three new books. (I did it for one new book.)
  • Choose one of the throughlines and create: a collage (Did it.), scene cards (Did it.), a rough draft in longhand (Did it!)

This year’s 3×5 looks like this:


  • Finish Lessons 15-33 of Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.
  • Write a synopsis.
  • Clean, refine, and edit a final draft.
  • Query.


  • Type it.
  • Write the second draft using the Breakout Novel Workbook, Lessons 1-34.
  • Write a synopsis.

Research FEARLESS and write a throughline.

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