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Turn and Face the Strange

Ch-ch-changes. Posts have been sporadic lately. I’m a child of  don’t-share-bad-news parents. The unknown is usually bad news. That’s where we’ve headed, into the unknown.

Bacon quit his job at the car factory last week. That’s right. The dependable income went south. Rotating shifts combined with tedium were too much. The good news is he’s back in educational publishing. Still contract-by-contract, but he was rehired as a supervisor.

Lilly, the wonder-dog, was very sick last week. She has an enlarged heart. Go figure. It explains a lot about why she is so wonderful. She’s better now on blood pressure medicine, but she won’t be making any high mountain hikes this summer.

Spring has arrived. The garden is blooming. We’re going to survive.

2 thoughts on “Turn and Face the Strange

  1. I hear the Star Trek theme playing in my head. Your mission – to explore brave new worlds, go where no man has gone before.

    May the unknown be filled with red ripe tomatoes, hatch chili peppers, and BBQ tacos.

    godspeed and good luck.


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