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Messed Up Texas

Because the Texas State Department of Transportation can’t find enough potholes to fill, they’ve decided pick on a romance writer. The book titled, Don’t Mess With Texas by Christie Craig is on Tex Dot’s hit list.

“The book contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts, states of arousal, etc.,” the lawsuit states.

Seriously, read about it here.  At least the judge threw it out of court.

2 thoughts on “Messed Up Texas

  1. What on earth is the texas dot doing acting as the morals police? Oh, yea they give out tickets for overloaded trucks so it is just a small step to enforceing morals


    1. They think they own the slogan, Don’t mess with Texas. I noticed they didn’t take on the car company that uses it in their jingle. But you’re right–they aren’t the morals police. Or they shouldn’t be.


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