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New Tools

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell calls the time it takes to be good at something the 10,000-Hour Rule. That’s how long it takes. 10,000 hours. That’s twenty hours a week for ten years.

Cherry’s been taking classes at a community art center for over a year. This week, when she tried to enroll for fall semester, every class she wanted was cancelled. The choices were: repeat a beginning class or enroll in a medium that isn’t her thing.

From writing a novel, I’ve learned there is no substitute for time. I’ve also learned to trust my own judgement, to make the story mine, and to keep writing until it’s something I want to claim.

With her tuition money, Cherry bought art supplies. Real artist supplies–acrylic paint, a pallet, calligraphy pens, canvases, books on technique. This week, she started logging her 10,000 hours.

Cherry, the artist with her subject, Jasmine.