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Road to Happy

“What’s your happy road, Daddy?” Dancing With the Stars went to commercial, and my ten-year-old daughter hit mute on the remote.

“What?” Bacon’s head was in the latest Albert Brooks’ novel.

“Your happy road,” she said.

“What’s that?  I asked.

“The thing that makes you happy.” She closed her decorated composition book. Coco makes notes on the couples’ performances and judges’ evaluations on DWTS.  I figured the comment had something to do with movie theme night on the reality show.

“Did you think that up or hear it somewhere?”

“Made it up.” She looked at her dad again. “Mine’s the violin. If I’m sad, I play, and I feel better.”

Bacon said, “You, your sister, and your mom are my happy road. You make me laugh.”

Satisfied, she opened her book again. The commercial break was over.

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