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Save the Date

Yesterday, I found this in my mailbox. The photo was mounted on a convenient refrigerator magnet.

Jake and Chelsea were a pretty couple. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue who they were. I studied the envelope. No last names on the return address, just first names and a monogrammed P. The smart phone code in the lower right-hand corner (redacted) was useless. I don’t own a smart phone.

I Googled. Found Jake P. from The Bachelor.

Not this Jake.

The postmark: Tulsa. Distant relative? I dug out an address list from a family reunion, dated 2003. Reminder: clean out the junk drawer. No one should keep a list nine years old. On page five of seven: (I have thirty-six first cousins) I found a Jake P. We’ve never met. Armed with a last name, I went back to Google. They’re registered at Pottery Barn.

I won’t be saving the date, but Jake and Chelsea, if you’re reading, have a nice life.

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