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Longhand Hell

I’m writing again or I should say, TYPING. The work in progress was a 2010 NaNoWriMo rough draft, now dubbed, Tribal Lament.

The good news: the story is better than I remembered.

The bad news: my handwriting. I’m suffering for art. Deciphering hieroglyphics would be easier.

I blogged about this book every day in November 2010. The longhand manuscript was written in a Clairfontaine notebook with a Waterman fountain pen. When the month was over, the acupuncturist treated me for tennis writer’s elbow.

The manuscript is 201 pages at 320 words per page. Approximately 64,000 words. Short, I know, but the real work comes in revision, so I need to get typing. Hence, the bar graph to the right.

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