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Reading-Day 6

I’m a different reader since I started this write-like-I mean-it gig. I used to fall into books. Many books. The backs of cereal boxes. Technical guides. Now, I’m diagnostic. Cautious. On vacation–when I wasn’t writing–I skipped into the old pattern. I read because it was there. Do other writers find themselves separated from words after they collect a few million of their own?

5 thoughts on “Reading-Day 6

      1. Thanks ever so much for the compliment (blush). You have no idea how much it’s appreciated. But snapping pictures has always come easily to me…. for many, many years (more than I’d want to admit to 😉 )


  1. Once I began working on my craft and really paying attention to what changes a novel from okay to “publishable” – I started liking books less easily. If that makes any sense.

    I find that I’m more critical of novels I read now. I don’t try to be – I just notice that this character has no development and NO spine and its really irritating, or that this is the same plot as is in book one and the author is selling books on their name alone – not actual good writing.
    But the ones I used to like I’m loving even more and I realize that series’ I’ve been reading stand out even more.

    I’m also reading more and more out of my normal comfort zone and normal preferred genre. And actually enjoying it. Shocking!
    So, I think its mostly an improvement. I’m paying better attention to things. 🙂


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