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The Map Room

In case we get lost . . . we have a map room.

Map Room2Located in what was once a useless junk closet between the girls’ bedrooms, the space was accomplished by relocating an electrical outlet (Thanks to BBC2–Big Brother Crisp, II) and adding a shelf. I painted below the shelf with leftover black latex. Above, I stapled old maps, collected from George’s house and trailer. He often gifted the girls with maps from his travels. So, it’s special. The lamps are thrift shop finds, spray painted yellow. The box from my mother’s 1960 Empire Telescope is strictly decorative. The real telescope is stored under a bed because I didn’t want anything to fall on that gorgeous iMac. The zebra print edging the desk is Duct Tape. It hides a structural support under the shelf.

Map Room1Cherry and Coco have already adapted to the new digs.

4 thoughts on “The Map Room

  1. Looks good! I like the maps on the wall and the duct tape is a good idea, I may use it myself next time I need to cover an edge 🙂


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