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The Day Job

Last week, I answered a questionnaire for a national polling company. The form asked, “Do you work?” They meant. Are you employed? I paused, pen suspended over dual boxes. Yes or no? I scribbled in the margin.

Yes, I work. Everyday. I take care of my family. Full time. By choice. It’s 2013 not 1957. This is a sexist question.

Fourteen years ago this month I changed day jobs. The current one doesn’t garner a paycheck. I’m on call 24/7 to complete tasks that may require a philosopher, an engineer, a maid, a chauffeur, and a chef. All at once. The position demands stamina, focus, and a generous portion of pixie dust.

Here’s last month’s portfolio.

Mom Portfolio May:April1
Cherry sang a solo in the school musical. Costume design by mom.
Mom Portfolio May:April2
Coco hung out with her Youth Orchestra San Antonio Conductor. Concert photography by mom.
Mom Portfolio May:April3
Coco and Cherry stood too close to waves crashing on the jetty at Mustang Island State Park. Travel coordinated by mom.
Mom Portfolio May:April4
Cherry received state recognition in the Duke University Talent Inventory Program. Chauffeured and valeted by mom.
Mom Portfolio May:April5
The girls wore high heels. Coco’s courtesy of mom.
Mom Portfolio May:April6
Cherry raced. That’s her in the far right lane. Sports photography by mom.

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