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The Polar Vortex Below the Mason-Dixon Line

The sun shines in San Antonio 224 days a year, and this morning was no exception. Except … the temperature was 19°. I asked Bacon to be a manly man and fetch a hammer. He didn’t know where to find one in the garage.

“Why do we need a hammer?”

“To break the ice on the fish tank.”

Birds were standing on the surface pecking away at the ice. I was sure our goldfish could use a shot of oxygen. A few minutes later, tool in hand, Bacon cracked the surface.breaking the ice1

I feel guilty for whining about cold weather. Especially when I read the news or the experiences of  on her blog, Montana For Real. Check out her dog celebrating in the afternoon heat, two above zero.

breaking the ice2

Okay, I’ll shut up now.

9 thoughts on “The Polar Vortex Below the Mason-Dixon Line

    1. Chinook winds. That’s interesting. Most of our weather–if you could call it that–comes off of the Pacific too, but over the mountains of Mexico. We’re three hours from the Gulf of Mexico, but most big storms come from the other direction.

      It’s supposed to hit 50 here this afternoon. No snow days for us.


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