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The Relocation of Smaug


Since we filled in the 1960s era pass-through in the wall connecting the kitchen and the family room, we’ve lived with a giant white space over the flat screen. The paneling is painted. Hard to match. Harder to drive a nail into. I didn’t want to hang something I’d regret.


Then I found Smaug, hanging out at the garage sale around the corner. He’s heavy, made of brass. I brought him home.Smaug6Polished him up with a solution of Kosher salt and Dawn dishwashing  liquid.

Smaug3Found a use for the left-over Christmas wrap in my closet.

Smaug5Figured out exactly where he should live.


Tapped him into place with three finish nails.

Smaug7There you have it. The Relocation of Smaug.

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